To Support the Development and Growth of Nigeria Lacrosse

Nigeria Lacrosse has introduced the sports to many athletes in the last three years. We currently have good numbers of active players in many communities in Nigeria. 

We have embarked on communities’ development programs to grow the game in the year as part of our year Project. 

We are calling for financial support, sponsorship of lacrosse equipment and partnerships, etc to make lacrosse a household sports in Nigeria. We're grateful to World Lacrosse for their continuous support and directions to take lacrosse to every community in Nigeria.

Please if you have any ideas, strategies and opportunities that will help in growing lacrosse in Nigeria? 

do get in touch with our development officer via this Email address: development@nigerialacrosse.org

Please as an Individual or an Organization willing to Sponsor, donate, Partner or Adopt any of the Nigeria Lacrosse Team, School, Club and Etc for the development and growth of Lacrosse in Nigeria from any part of the World, contact NIGERIA LACROSSE via this emails address: lan@nigerialacrosse.org and president@nigerialacrosse.org or Tel: +234 8032525683, +234 8082788142.

Please Support Lacrosse Development and Growth in Nigeria by making a secured donation on this platform.

Thanks for believing in our dream!



# Support Nigeria Lacrosse with GoFundMe

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse Teams International trips (transportation).

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse girls/women players Inner swears and sanitary needs.

# Help Nigeria Lacrosse provide outfits for 20 male and 30 female players.

# Help us raise money to buy Lacrosse Equipment.

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse Schools Club Programs and Projects (1. Students Skills Empowerment Programs for Family Support, one week Camp, transportations to camp, Accommodations, three times a day Feeding, Medical, Up keeping, Materials and Startup capital. 2. Etc).

# Support NIGERIA LACROSSE ACADEMY, which is free, so as to take care of the students Accommodation, three times a day feeding, Clothing, Up keeping, Medical and Etc.                                                                                                                         

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Free Education and Scholarship to school abroad for NIGERIA LACROSSE ACADEMY Students. 

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse FOUNDATION, to help the Lesprevilege in Lacrosse Communities, as a way of giving back to our host Communities and the Welfare of Nigeria Lacrosse family.

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse Equipment Building and Maintain Program.

Help Nigeria Lacrosse Clinic Program.

# Support Nigeria Lacrosse TV & Radio Programs.